Urban planning, landscape and GIS

Urban projects such as infrastructures, public buildings, roads, bridges, etc. are part of the city. Balam Consultores develops urban projects respecting the city historic fabric and, in case of newly created areas, we focus on modernity and bioclimatism. Although landscaping has not been a discipline within itself until a few years ago, the technical team understands the landscape as an essential part of the project, because the landscape determines and complements the project at the same time. We consider that landscape architecture is a very important area for the urban structure. The Balam Consultores staff is composed of specialists qualified to develop landscape projects taking into consideration the natural elements and the feelings that nature produces in people. Nowadays, we are planning projects such as landscape enhancement and landscape integration studies in towns located in the Region of Valencia. Landscape profile for municipalities

Integrated Action Program (Programa de Actuación Integrada “PAI”) in Santa Llúcia

This Integrated Action Program was carried out due to the current need to enlarge the city of Morella. For this purpose, it was imperative to consider the protected landscape and the fantastic singulars views towards the ancient city.

Development project of Paseo de la Alameda (in Morella)

Morella is a city built on a mountain hillside and its castle is located at the top of it, mainly on the South and East sides. The North area of the mountain was described by the famous writer Cavanilles in the XVIIth century as one of the most extraordinary promenades to walk peacefully in the middle of the nature. The Paseo de la Alameda development project focuses on improving this area thanks to new parks for children and parking areas, as well as a pedestrian connection between the Puerta de los Estudios and Puerta de la Nevera.

Development project of Plaza de Colón and Plaza de los Estudios (in Morella)

Plaza de Colon and Plaza de los Estudios are two very significant pedestrian squares in the city of Morella. Both have many characteristics of the centenarian urban fabric and they are the common scenario of a great number of daily activities. These squares have got so much importance that our technical team designed a walkway to link them without altering their traditional image. This is necessary because population understands them as a meeting point with a historic added value.

Landscape integration study and impact study in Cinctorres

Visual affections are the main points of his project. The Region of Valencia Act LOTPP for landscape pays detailed attention to the degraded state of some ancient cities. In Cintorres, a landscape integration study was required in order to accomplish the law securely and improve its infrastructures.

Landscape integration study and impact study in Ares del Maestrazgo

The conclusion of the electric power network is required to complete the energy supply of the mountainous towns. In the case of Ares del Maestrazgo, the main requirement was to provide it with a second line of electric supply. We worked to avoid negative visual affections in order to respect its beautiful surrounding landscape. Therefore, the visual intensity maps were essential to achieve a correct location of the electric towers.