–Office of architecture–

25 years of experience is the Balam Consultores’ strength, although we design with the same energy as the first day. Balam Consultores architecture office has a broad experience in projects related to restoration and conservation of buildings and infrastructures of historic and cultural significance since this is one of our main action areas. Balam Consultores also develops urban planning and landscaping projects from a modern point of view.  Moreover, we try to release our projects and show them as a continuous learning process. Click on the News section to check information about the current national and international activities.

The area of restoration and historical heritage conservation is more and more extensive, challenging and useful. Our professionalism depends on our ability to recover past works.

Vicente Dualde, Founder Architect of Balam Consultores

Balam Consultores architecture officehas worked very often with public administrations, which guarantees a good knowledge of the current red tape. Nevertheless, private projects are also an important part of our work volume. We take into account the individual clients’ ideas and their suggestions are always the basis of the projects.


Vicente Dualde Viñeta Founder Architect Delfín Ferrer Julian Eloy Cantero Ramón Rafael Lluch Noguera José M. Hernández Fernández Jessica Cattaneo Marta Viñeta Juan Hernández Maite Prats


Ignacio Carbonell Cantí Architect Valencia Noverint s.l. Archaeology Morella José Pascual Ortells Ramos Town planner lawyer Valencia Leing s.l. Engineering Valencia Qa Associats s.l. Valencia Polytechnic University of Valencia Collaboration Agreement between the Company Balam Consultores sl and the Polytechnic University of Valencia to take part in architectural projects at national and international level.


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